Post-course assessment:

  • Individual attendance (more than 75% of the teaching time)
  • Final test completed
  • Satisfaction survey

All times indicated are CET

TimeTitle / Speakers
10:00-10:10Welcome and introduction
Marjorie Dixon (UK) + Júlio César Rocha (PT)
10:10-11:10Lecture 1
Main topic: Dietetic management of MSUD: the basics
Anne Daly (UK)
11:20-12:20Lecture 2
Main topic: Management of newly diagnosed infants
Marjorie Dixon (UK)
12:30-13:10Case 1 – A newborn patient
Rachel Skeath + Chloe Millington and Ide Herlihy (UK)
Breakout Rooms
14:10-14:50Case 2 – A weaning process in MSUD patient
Carmen Rohde + Ulrike Och and Stefanie Rosenbaum-Fabian (DE)
Breakout Rooms
14:50-15:30Case 3 – A pediatric patient with poor adherence
Bénédicte Samba + 2 colleagues (FR)
Breakout Rooms
15:40-16:10Lecture 3
Topic: Emergency regimens
Anne Clark (IE)
16:10-16:50Case 4 - Emergency regimen for MSUD patients
Anne Clark + Christine Merrigan and Emma Lally (IE)
Breakout Rooms
16:50-17:10Lecture 4
Topic: Management of intermittent and intermediate MSUD
Smadar Abraham (IL)
17:10-17:20Wrap up and conclusion
Marjorie Dixon (UK) + Faculty

TimeTitle / Speakers
10:00-10:10Welcome and introduction
Marjorie Dixon (UK)
10:10-10:40Lecture 5
Topic: Dietetic therapy for MSUD in adulthood
Charlotte Ellerton (UK)
10:40-11:20Case 5 – adult patient
Charlotte Ellerton + Patty Nguyen and Cameron Arbuckle (UK)
Breakout Rooms
11:30-11:50Multiple-choice final test and Test solution
Marjorie Dixon (UK)
11:50-12:20Lecture 6
Topic: Neurological outcome of MSUD patients
Àngels Garcia-Cazorla (ES)
12:20-12:40Lecture 7
Topic: Liver transplantion for MSUD patients
Carlo Dionisi Vici (IT)
12:40-13:00Lecture 8
Topic: Dietary management of MSUD patients before, during and after liver transplantation
Alessandra Liguori (IT)
14:00-14:35Lecture 9
Topic: MSUD Guidelines: features and values
Rani Singh (USA)
14:35-14:45Conclusion – End of Meeting and future appointments
Marjorie Dixon (UK) + Júlio César Rocha (PT)