SSIEM-DG ACADEMY 2021: Phenylketonuria


Pre course activities (1 month before) :

  • Selected reading topics
  • Survey for attendees

Day 1Wednesday 30th June 2021 (CET)
TimeContent/ Speakers
10:00-10:10Welcome and introduction
Johannes Häberle (CH), Júlio César Rocha (PT)
10:10-11:20Lecture 1
Dietetic managament of PKU: the basics
Anita MacDonald (UK)
11:20-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:40Lecture 2
Dietetic therapy for PKU in adulthood
Corrie Timmer (NL)
PKU dietary management: Putting the theory into practical dietetics. Case studies.
13:45-14:25Case 1 - infant patient
Anita MacDonald (UK)
14:30-15:10Case 2 - pediatric patient
Alice Dianin (IT)
15:15-15:50Case 3 – adult patient
Sarah Adam (UK)
15:55-16:35Case 4 - pregnant patient
Corrie Timmer (NL)
16:40-17:00Multiple-choice final test and test solution
Hulya Gökmen-Özel (TR)
17:00-17:10Wrap up and conclusion
Júlio César Rocha (PT)
Day 1Post course assessment
- individual attendance (more than 75% of the teaching time)
- final test completed

Day 2Thursday 1st July 2021 (CET)
TimeContent/ Speakers
10:00-10:10Welcome and introduction
Hulya Gökmen-Özel (TR)
10:10-10:30Lecture 3
Dietetic research for PKU
Anita MacDonald (UK)
Lectures 4-5-6-7-8
Different dietetic approaches to PKU treatment
10:35-10:50Lecture 4
Large neutral aminocids
Kirsten Ahring (DK)
10:50-11:05Lecture 5
Anne Daly (UK)
11:05-11:20Lecture 6
Slow-release amino acids
Christian Loro (IT)
11:20-11:30Coffee break
11:30-11:45Lecture 7
Diet with BH4 treatment
Carmen Rohde (DE)
11:45-12:00Lecture 8
Diet with Pegvaliase treatment
Christian Kogelmann (DE)
Lectures 9-10-11
Current dietetic research on PKU
12:00-12:20Lecture 9
Microbiota of PKU patients
Juri Zuvadelli (IT)
12:20-12:40Lecture 10
Growth of PKU patients
Fatma Ilgaz (TR)
12:40-13:00Lecture 11
Sports nutrition and PKU
Júlio César Rocha (PT)
14:00-14:30Debate Topic: Difficulties in PKU dietetic management: debate on the personal experiences of the attendees
Chair: Júlio César Rocha (PT)
Anita MacDonald (UK), Corrie Timmer (NL), Alice Dianin (IT)
Sarah Adam (UK), Hulya Gökmen-Özel (TR), Kirsten Ahring (DK)
Anne Daly (UK), Christian Loro (IT), Carmen Rohde (DE)
Christian Kogelmann (DE), Juri Zuvadelli (IT)
14:30-14:40Conclusion – End of Meeting and future appointments
Júlio César Rocha (PT)
Day2Post-course assessment
- satisfaction survey