Pre course activities

1 month before: 

  • Survey for attendees


2 weeks before:

  • 60' Recorded lecture: Glutaric Aciduria type I: overview of enzyme defect and clinical characteristics. 
  • 30' Recorded lecture: Nutritional assessment in Glutaric Aciduria type I
  • Pre-course work and communications: case studies and workshop instructions



The case studies are discussed interactively by small groups of participants in the break out rooms and then speakers lead a final discussion. 


Post-course assessment:

  • Individual attendance (more than 75% of the teaching time)
  • Final test completed
  • Satisfaction survey

All times indicated are CET

TimeTitle / Speakers
10:00-10:15Welcome and introduction
Speaker: Marjorie Dixon (UK) and Alice Dianin (IT)
10:15-11:00Lecture 1
Initial management of suspected and confirmed patients
Speaker: Mildrid Yeo (Singapore)
11:10-11:55Lecture 2
Initial dietary management of newborn screened suspected and confirmed GA1 patients
Speaker: Anne Clark (IE)
11:55-12:40WORKSHOP LIVE
Case 1 –
Feeding an infant patient
Speaker: Ava Cronly (IE)
13:30-14:15Lecture 3
Long-term dietary management of early treated children
Speaker: Anne Daly (UK)
14:15-15:00WORKSHOP LIVE
Case 2 –
A child on restricted lysine/protein diet
Speaker: Catherine Ashmore (UK)
15:10-15:55Lecture 4
Emergency regimen
Speaker: Daniela Karall (AT)
15:55-16:40WORKSHOP LIVE
Case 3 –
Emergency regimen for a child
Speaker: Monika Jörg-Streller (AT)
16:50-17:20Lecture 5
Management of neurological complications of patients
Speaker: Louise Simmons (UK)
17:20-17:30Wrap up and conclusion
Speaker: Marjorie Dixon (UK)

TimeTitle / Speakers
10:00-10:10Welcome and introduction
Speaker: Charlotte Ellerton (UK)
10:10-10:55Lecture 6
Nutritional management of newly diagnosed clinically presented patients by age 6 years
Speaker: Bénédicte Samba (FR)
10:55-11:40WORKSHOP LIVE
Case 5 – A child with dystonia
Speaker: Bénédicte Samba(FR)
11:50-12:35Lecture 7
Therapeutic approaches after age of 6 years
Speaker: Nikolas Boy (DE)
12:35-13:20Lecture 8
Dietary management of children beyond 6 years of age
Speaker: Sarah Cawtherley (UK)
14:10-14:55WORKSHOP LIVE
Case 4 – Regression and deterioration of conditions in an adolescent
Speaker: Amaya Bélanger-Quintana (ES)
14:55-15:40Lecture 9
Dietary management of adolescents and adults
Speaker: Louise Robertson (UK)
15:50-16:35WORKSHOP LIVE
Case 6 – A newly diagnosed adult patient
Speaker: Ellen Condie (UK)
16:35-17:05Multiple-choice final test and Test solution (live)
Speaker: Anne Daly (UK)
17:15-18:05Lecture 10
Addressing current challenges in research to improve the medical nutrition therapy of GA1
Speaker: Marjorie Dixon (UK) and Louise van Dorp (UK)
18:05-18:10Conclusion – End of Meeting and future appointments
Speaker: Júlio César Rocha (PT) and Alice Dianin (IT)